Boone Preschool

Cultivating Curiosity, Sparking Joy: Where Tiny Minds Grow with Love

Cultivating curiosity, sparking joy: where tiny minds grow with love

We believe in nurturing kids by inspiring:

  • Kindness & emotional intelligence
  • Innovation, creativity & critical thinking
  • Diversity & cultural awareness
  • Social responsibility

the boone difference

Boone has been serving parents and children 2-5 in the Kansas City area since 1967. We strive every day to provide a safe and enriching environment that allows your littles to discover the world in a productive, self-empowering manner.

Facilities made for learning and fun

Our method



When a child feels seen, they feel empowered. Our small, diverse classes offer all of our students an environment where they can be confident. Confidence encourages exploration, which facilitates learning and social bonds.



Our curriculum is designed in a way that every child can engage in active learning, regardless of learning style. Our teachers are trained to apply lessons and themes that facilitate visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic learners.



Our students enjoy play activities that are designed around specific, age-appropriate gross- and fine-motor developmental milestones that affect the way a child develops physically, socially, and emotionally.

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We’re here everyday with flexible options to prepare your child to take on their world. Come see the real difference between a daycare and Boone Preschool. 

Our classrooms are designed for children to actively learn. Our teachers act as facilitators; encouraging, guiding, and helping the children to achieve. The individual learning style and abilities of each child are considered in all planning.

Our reason for being isn’t to make money; it’s to give you, as a parent, the peace of mind that caring for your child and not being with them are not mutually exclusive. We will always do our best to treat your little ones the same way you would.

While all this talk of “learning” and “classrooms” may conjure up memories of a boring school day sitting in desks and watching the clock, we actually have tons of fun everyday. Incorporating our curriculum into the fun is what makes us special.

We're right around the corner

Come check out our amazing learning centers! Both of our facilities are conveniently located and easily accessible, giving you the flexibility you need to give your child the best preschool experience out there.

Jill S.

We chose to send our sons to Boone Preschool because of its long standing reputation as a great preschool. We also know staff that has worked there in the past as well as the present and they speak highly of Boone as well. We feel comforted knowing our kids are learning and are well cared for at Boone.

Diana W.

Boone Preschool has played an important and wonderful role in the lives of both of our children. My daughter started kindergarten more than prepared and my son is now following that same path. You can always count on the teachers to truly know your child, and to teach in fun and creative ways. I can honestly say I’ll be a little bit sad to leave Boone once my son graduates!

Angie D.

Making a decision regarding child care for your son or daughter is so difficult. You have to trust who you choose to teach, care for and love your child on a daily basis. Our family had used in home daycares as well as corporate daycares before finding Boone Preschool and we couldn’t be happier! Both my son and daughter have attended Boone Preschool. The teachers are loving, friendly and openly communicate with parents. Class sizes are small which was very important to our family. My son started kindergarten more than prepared. My children loving going to “school” every day and I feel confident that they are in a wonderful place