stimulating early learning starts at boone preschool

stimulating early learning starts at boone preschool


teaching since 1967

Since opening its doors in 1967 in Lee’s Summit, Boone Preschool has been a beacon of early childhood education, consistently providing an enriching environment where young minds flourish. Our journey over the decades has been one of growth, learning, and an unwavering commitment to the holistic development of children. This long-standing tradition is not just a testament to our enduring presence but a reflection of our deep-rooted belief in nurturing the potential of every child who walks through our doors.

At the heart of Boone lies a philosophy that every child is unique, with their own interests, learning styles, and pathways to growth. Our values are centered around respect, inclusivity, and a passion for igniting the innate curiosity within each child. The rich tapestry of our history has woven a strong foundation of knowledge and experience, enabling us to create a dynamic and supportive learning environment. This legacy informs our approach, blending time-honored educational practices with innovative methods that prepare children for the future while honoring their individual journey.

Through the years, Boone has evolved, yet our core mission remains unchanged: to provide a positive, engaging, and safe learning experience that lays the groundwork for lifelong success. Our long history is not just a record of years passed but a continuous story of dedication to excellence in early childhood education. As we look to the future, we carry forward the lessons learned and the values that have stood the test of time, ensuring that Boone Preschool remains a place where children thrive and families feel valued and connected.

Boone Preschool Wants The Same Thing

Our dedicated educators create a nurturing environment that respects each child’s individuality, encourages their natural curiosity, and supports their emotional and social development. In this family-like atmosphere, your child will not only learn and grow but will feel valued, understood, and genuinely cared for, just as they are at home.


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Step into the rich history and nurturing environment of Boone Preschool, where we’ve been dedicated to children’s growth and happiness since 1967. Discover how our enduring philosophy and values can provide your child with an unparalleled early education experience. We invite you to join our community, where every child is treated with the care and respect they deserve.

our community. our future.

At Boone Preschool, we believe that the strength of our school is deeply intertwined with the vibrant communities we serve. Since our inception, we have not only been a part of the community but an active participant in its growth and development. Our roots in Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs run deep, reflecting a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of every child who will shape the future of these towns. We understand that the quality of early childhood education directly impacts the fabric of our community, and we take this responsibility to heart, fostering a collaborative spirit that extends beyond our classrooms.

Our engagement with the community is built on a foundation of mutual respect and a shared vision for a brighter future. We partner with local businesses, organizations, and families to create enriching experiences for our children, ensuring they grow up with a strong sense of belonging and an understanding of their role in the wider world. These partnerships not only enhance our curriculum but also strengthen the bonds within our community, creating a supportive network that uplifts every child and family.

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