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Blue Springs Preschool: A Journey of Discovery and Growth

Blue Springs Preschool: A Journey of Discovery and Growth

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Step into a world where education is tailored to spark curiosity and foster a love for learning at Boone Preschool Blue Springs. We invite you to explore how our classes can provide your child with a strong foundation for a bright future.


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Uncover the foundation of our enriching curriculum at Boone Preschool Blue Springs, where every lesson is an opportunity for growth. See how our core educational values come to life, inspiring a lifelong love of learning in every child.


Educational Focus

At Boone Preschool Blue Springs, our two-year-old class is a nurturing space where foundational skills are developed through playful exploration and interactive learning.

A Day In The Two's Room

Children in our two-year-old class are gently introduced to the wonders of learning through engaging activities that foster language development, social interaction, and basic cognitive skills. Our curriculum is rich with storytelling, music, and art, encouraging young learners to express themselves and understand the world around them.

Play is the essence of our two-year-old class, where imaginative and structured activities blend seamlessly. This approach aligns with Boone's philosophy that play is fundamental to learning, helping children develop critical thinking and social skills in a joyful, natural way.

Our nutrition program for two-year-olds focuses on introducing a variety of healthy, appealing options to nurture growing bodies and curious minds. Balanced meals and snacks support their active learning and play, instilling healthy eating habits from the start.

Where We Play And Learn


Educational Focus

In the three-year-old class at Boone Preschool Blue Springs, we emphasize creative expression, early academic foundations, and independence within our supportive, play-based environment.

A Day In The Three's Room

Three-year-olds at Boone Preschool Blue Springs are engaged in a curriculum that introduces them to more structured learning in literacy, math, and science, all while nurturing their creativity and curiosity. Interactive and hands-on activities encourage children to explore concepts and build communication skills.

Play in our three-year-old class is designed to promote physical, emotional, and social development. Through a variety of play-based activities, children learn collaboration, problem-solving, and self-expression, reinforcing the Boone philosophy that play is a vital part of learning.

Our meal program for three-year-olds offers a diverse range of nutritious, child-friendly foods, encouraging adventurous eating and reinforcing healthy habits. Meals and snacks are crafted to fuel their busy days of learning and exploration.

Where We Play And Learn


Educational Focus

Our Pre-K program at Boone Preschool Blue Springs readies four-year-olds for kindergarten with a curriculum that balances academic skills, social-emotional learning, and creative exploration.

A Day In The Pre-K Room

Pre-K students at Boone Preschool Blue Springs dive into advanced literacy, numeracy, and scientific inquiry, all presented through engaging, interactive lessons. Our curriculum supports each child's unique learning journey, fostering independence and a deep love for learning.

Structured and free play in the Pre-K class enhances critical thinking, social skills, and creativity. Our play-based learning approach ensures that children remain engaged and motivated, embodying Boone's belief in the power of play for educational growth.

The Pre-K nutrition program introduces a wider array of flavors and textures, catering to growing appetites and evolving tastes. Balanced, nutritious meals and snacks keep our four-year-olds energized and ready to learn.

Where We Play And Learn

Courtney P.

My daughter started with Boone in November. It’s the first place she’s ever been without myself or my husband! We can’t say enough amazing things about Boone preschool. From the director Vanessa, to my daughter’s teacher, to other staff there that know her by name. ALL of them are so incredibly kind!! My daughter runs and hugs her teacher. She loves going to school and looks forward to the days she gets to go!

Regan L.

We loved Boone so much! I have nothing negative to say about this facility and its teachers. My daughter hadn’t been in a preschool or daycare environment at all before starting Boone when she was 4 and she transitioned SO well. She’s off to kindergarten soon, and we really miss Boone! Her little sister will be attending when she turns 2 though!

Ashley R.

My daughter has been coming here for about a year now. We were apprehensive initially because we had less than stellar experiences prior with other facilities. We were so impressed right away with how friendly all the staff was as well as how professional organized Vanessa is. Every single anxiety we had before was eased and we saw a notable difference in our daughter as well. She has built lasting and meaningful relationships with the staff, and has really grown into the strong, independent, smart little girl we know her as today with the help of everyone in that building.

Haley B.

We are extremely grateful for the love and support the teachers and staff have given our 2 children at Boone. They both look forward to school everyday and have grown in confidence and knowledge since being there!

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