Here to serve your family

here to serve your family


Your children are welcome anywhere we're open

At Boone Preschool, every door opens to a world of learning, growth, and community. Our locations in Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs offer nurturing and enriching educational experiences, ensuring quality education is always within reach.

Blue Springs

Blue springs preschool

Our Blue Springs location embodies the spirit of Boone Preschool with its revamped facilities, innovative learning environments, and a strong sense of community. This location offers a vibrant setting for children to explore their interests, develop new skills, and form lasting friendships. With a focus on personalized education and social-emotional development, the Blue Springs team ensures that every child receives the attention and care they deserve.

Lee's Summit

Lee's Summit Preschool

Nestled in the heart of Lee’s Summit, our original Boone Preschool location carries with it a rich history and a deep-rooted connection to the community. Here, children enjoy spacious classrooms, state-of-the-art learning resources, and expansive outdoor play areas designed to inspire and engage. Our dedicated team in Lee’s Summit is committed to fostering a warm, inclusive environment where every child can thrive.

Any Caring Parent Has Questions. Boone Preschool Has Answers.

Yes, both our Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs locations offer the same high-quality, comprehensive curriculum designed to foster early childhood development. However, each location may host unique events and activities that reflect the local community.

We understand that life can bring changes, and we aim to accommodate such transitions smoothly. Transfers between locations are possible, subject to availability and the specific needs of your child.

Absolutely. We maintain the same high standards for staff qualifications, training, and dedication to child-centered education at both our Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs locations.

While the layout and specific features of the outdoor play areas may vary between locations, both are designed to provide a safe, stimulating environment for children to explore and enjoy nature.

Boone Preschool is committed to consistency in educational quality and care across all locations. This is achieved through unified curriculum standards, regular staff training, and a shared philosophy that guides every aspect of our program.

Boone Preschool actively engages with the local community through events, partnerships, and community service projects. Each location tailors its community involvement to reflect and enrich the local culture and resources.