Boone Preschool provides a positive school experience for young learners

Boone Preschool provides a positive school experience for young learners

The Boone Parent Handbook

We’re thrilled to share our Parent Handbook with you—a comprehensive resource designed to warmly welcome you into the Boone Preschool community. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know about our policies, procedures, and the daily life your child will enjoy. Our goal is to make your journey with us clear and comforting, ensuring you feel well-supported every step of the way. Whether you’re just starting with us or are a familiar face in our halls, this handbook is crafted to help foster a strong and successful partnership.

Parent Handbook &
Membership Agreement 2024-2025


We are pleased that you have decided to join us at Boone. We plan on making this experience fun, educational, and memorable for your child.

Please read through the following handbook carefully. These policies are made for the safety of the children and enable the school to run smoothly. We want to encourage open lines of communication so you feel your needs are being satisfied. Everyone will be expected to adhere to the policies with no exceptions.


We believe every child has a right to a positive school experience. Our teachers allow & respond to individuality and exploration. Through a welcoming environment each child will develop a positive self image. This goal is accomplished through development of an appreciation for all people and their diversity.

The classrooms are designed for children to actively learn. Well qualified teachers act as facilitators who encourage, guide, and help the children to achieve new skill sets. The individual learning styles and abilities of each child are considered in our activity planning. Children learn best through discovery and with a variety of hands-on activities. We encourage children to experience the world around them by learning through all the senses (smell, taste, sight, sound, and touch).

Our approach to instruction utilizes appropriate thematic units. The arts are included as an integral part of each theme. Music, movement, art, and other creative activities are woven throughout the units. Every child is encouraged and praised for their work in these areas. Within every thematic unit are experiences to develop social, emotional, cognitive, fine motor, and gross motor competence.


Each room is prepared with anticipation for learning. Teachers warmly welcome the children into the learning environment and encourage its use. The learning centers are designed to support development in social, emotional, cognitive, fine motor, and gross motor skills. As children play, teachers ask questions, listen, and interact as necessary to enhance the learning of the children. We feel one of the most important links is that between home and school. Parent participation is invited, as communication and interest from both school and home is critical to the success of the child. We hope parents will come as individuals to share their own cultures, talents, and time. Together we can assure the best start for our children by forming a close home/school community.


Our normal operating hours are Monday through Friday.


School Year –          6:45AM to 5:30PM

Summer –                  6:45AM to 5:30PM

Bad Weather Closing

We will follow the local School District for weather closings consisting of bad road conditions, snow, ice, or other inclement weather. However, if the District is closed due to wind chill, we are still open normal hours. If they are on a delayed schedule for any reason, we will open at 7:30AM. You are responsible for payment even when closed for bad weather.


We are closed on the following holidays:

(You will be responsible for full tuition these weeks)

New Year’s Day

4th of July

Thanksgiving Friday

President’s Day*

Good Friday

Labor Day

Christmas Eve

Last Friday in July*

Memorial Day


Christmas Day

If these fall on a Saturday or Sunday, we are closed the preceding Friday or following Monday.

*We will be closed for two teacher workdays. These are scheduled for President’s Day and the Last Friday in July. These workdays consist of teacher certification training hours for yearly state licensing compliance.

Tuition Rate

In order for the Student to qualify for full time age/class rate, the Student must meet age requirement by July 31 at the first quarter of the academic year. Specifically, a Student must be 3 by July 31 to qualify for 3’s pricing, and 4 by July 31 to qualify for Pre-K pricing. These amounts are set forth in the Tuition Schedule for the period covered by this Membership. The Parent agrees to pay the School for incidental fees as they may occur throughout the year, such as field trips, special projects, interest, extended day charges, etc.

Tuition rates are assessed each year to ensure we provide every child with quality education, care, and resources. These rates may be adjusted as necessary and advanced notice of such tuition changes will be given.


The Parent understands that the Student is being enrolled for the entire period covered by the Tuition Schedule. Parent further understands that the overhead expenses of the School do not diminish with the departure of a student during the course of the school year and agrees that it is impossible for the School to determine at the time of Parent’s execution of the Membership Enrollment the damage and loss to the School that would occur due to the later cancellation/withdrawal of a Student who has enrolled. Therefore, once this Membership has been submitted to the School with the Registration Fee, the Parent becomes liable for the entire year’s tuition and fees as liquidated damages (and not a penalty) even if the student is absent for any amount of days. If Student is withdrawn or involuntarily separated, for any reason, the Parent is responsible for tuition through the end of the last month of attendance. A two-week written notice must be given to the School for Student withdrawal, including, without limitation, change of residence or health reasons. You are responsible for the tuition during this time.

Tuition is due on the days specified in the Tuition Scheduled. There will be a $5.00 per day late fee if tuition is not paid. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact the office. If tuition is not paid, we have the right to send your child home. The Parent agrees to pay all costs of collection, including collection agency fees, attorney’s fees, court costs, and interest of 1.5% per month.

We accept payment via Procare and prefer ACH. Checks may also be left at the office each week. All checks should be made payable to Boone Preschool. There will be a $20.00 service charge on all returned checks, ACH, or credit cards with insufficient funds.

Registration Fee

A non-refundable, annual registration fee is required at the time you enroll your child. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. A child is not considered registered in the program until a registration fee has been paid. You will receive one entry card with your registration fee or two entry cards if 6 registered as a family. Additional cards can be purchased. Pre-Existing additional cards may be retained if re-enrolled.

Registration fees are specifically designed to hold a child’s position for a given term and must be renewed annually.

In the event of a Student slot opening during the academic year, a waitlisted Student may be enrolled to fill the slot of a withdrawn Student. Tuition will be calculated as a percentage remaining of the current academic year, and billed accordingly per available tuition schedule. Waitlisted Students are still responsible for the applicable registration fee under this Agreement.

Membership Status

Once a student is accepted, they will be enrolled for all of the academic year as listed in the Tuition Schedule. This membership is valid only for the academic year stated and does not entitle Student to any future enrollment. We will enroll children from 2 years through Pre-K. Select facilities will enroll infants through Pre-K. Enrollment will be determined by classroom availability and on a first come, first serve basis. Full time applicants (Monday-Friday) have the highest priority. We will try very hard to meet the needs of our part time applicants.

Student must be potty-trained to be eligible for enrollment in 3’s or Pre-K.

Classroom Placement

The Parent is aware that a final determination of classroom placement will be made by the School in accordance with the School’s admissions or retention practices. Any curriculum changes/decisions are made at the School’s discretion. The school reserves the right to change classroom placement throughout the year based on the needs of the individual and/or class.

Social Media

Boone Preschool may use positive photos and videos of your child and your child’s work on social media accounts, websites, in-marketing materials, or the like. Enrollment in Boone Preschool serves as your permission to use your child’s photos and/or videos and/or work for Boone Preschool marketing and informational purposes. Last names will not be used. We encourage you to follow us on these accounts to see what’s going on at school each day!

First Days Of School

Our goal is for your child to love school. We want them to enjoy coming each day as well as the many fun activities we plan. Please remember that some children adjust readily while others may take two to eight weeks (or even longer) to adjust.

If your child is terribly unhappy we will let you know. Many times this unhappiness occurs for a few minutes in your presence when you drop off. Please trust us and go ahead and leave. When the activities begin, the child calms down. Crying is very normal the first few days or weeks. Please let us help your child adjust. Feel free to call and check on your child.


The School has the right to suspend or terminate the attendance of any student for any reason set forth in this Handbook (or any other published document), for reasons that the School Administration considers detrimental to the School community, student, or to other students of the School, or for the Parent’s failure to pay all or any part of the financial obligation for the Student’s attendance.

Arrival and Departure

All children must be taken to their classroom by an adult and signed into Procare. All children must be signed out on the kiosk when they leave. We MUST know if someone other than you or the persons authorized on the enrollment form/Procare app will be picking up your child. We will not release your child to another individual without direction from you. If someone will be bringing your child for an extended time (you are on vacation, etc) please let us know so this person can be first to call in case of emergency or health concern.

If your child will be arriving after 10AM on any given day, please let us know so they will be counted for lunch.

Please drive slowly and carefully around the building. Young children do not watch for cars and can dart out quickly.

Late Pick UP

If for any reason you will be late, notify the school as soon as possible. This will allow us to make arrangements for your child. A Late Fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged for the first 5 minutes and $5.00 per minute late after that. We know emergencies happen but this fee will not be waived for any reason.

Snacks and Lunch

Lunch is provided daily. A lunch calendar is available at the start of each month. Snacks are served daily in the AM (9:00-9:30) and PM (2:30-3:00). Examples of snacks may be a box of goldfish crackers, fruit, cheese sticks, or graham crackers.

If you want to bring Birthday/Special treats, please give your teacher a heads up and get class count. These must be store bought (individually wrapped in the manufacturer’s packaging) and not made at home.


Dress your child appropriate for school. We play outside every day. Please include hats and gloves in cold weather and sunblock when appropriate. Tennis shoes or other rubber soled shoes are a must. Please bring an extra set of clothing in your child’s backpack. If your child is not potty-trained, please ensure they have diapers and wipes daily. All clothing, backpacks, bedding, etc need to have your child’s first and last name on them. Shoes must be worn once your child turns one year old.

Nap and Rest Time

It is in our licensing rules that all children must rest. Children who do not fall asleep after 30 minutes will be allowed to engage in quiet play. We cannot keep a child awake during naptime. We will need a crib size fitted sheet, small blanket, and small pillow for naptime (all labeled). Items will be sent home every Friday or as needed.

Disruptive Behavior

At times, discipline is necessary in a child’s development. If there are persistent problems with a child which have not been resolved over a period of time, parents will be asked to work with the center to correct the disruptive behavior. If a reasonable time has passed with no improvement, Boone reserves the right to dismiss the child. Grounds for termination shall include but not be restricted to violent behavior towards self, other children or staff, severely disruptive behavior, or biting.

Potty Training

All children must be potty trained by the age of three to continue enrollment.

The following is our definition or standard by which we define full potty trained:

● Able to identify when he/she needs to use the potty

● Able to maneuver their clothes on and off independently. Teacher will verbally assist through this process

● Able to control both his/her bowel and bladder thereby making the trip to the restroom without soiling clothing

● Does not wear pull-ups or other specialty garments

● Experiences less than two incidents of soiling themselves per month

● No adult reminder or assistance is needed to complete successful trip to the restroom

● Can clean him/herself after a bowel movement

● Can successfully use a standard size toilet without a potty chair


Your child should not come to school if any of the following occur:

● Temperature of 99 degrees under their arm or 100 degrees orally within 24 hours of attending

● Vomiting within 24 hour period of attending

● Diarrhea or abnormal bowel movement within 24 hour period of attending

● Eyes are glazed, red, or contain discharge

● Ears are red, sore, or discharging

Your child should not come to school with any of the following contagious diseases:

● Whooping cough – May not attend for four days from onset

● Mumps – May not attend for nine days from onset

● Measles – May not attend for seven days from onset

● Chicken Pox – May not attend for seven days from onset

● Ringworm, Lice, or Impetigo – symptoms have been gone for 24 hours or with doctor’s note

Please notify the center if your child is exposed or contacts a communicable disease. The following needs to be provided:

● Physicians confirmation of type of disease

● Source of exposure

● Child’s last visit to center

● Physician’s recommendation/course of action for child and center

If your child becomes ill at the center we will take the child’s temperature, contact you, and determine the appropriate action. When we ask you to pick up your child due to illness, someone needs to arrive within 60 minutes per state licensing rules. Children will be sent home after 2 abnormal bowel movements.

No credit can be given for COVID related illnesses or closures.


Parents must complete a medicine request form in order for the staff to administer any kind of medication. The following guidelines must be followed:

● Prescription medication must have pharmacy label with the child’s name

● All medication must be brought in its original bottle. Staff will always

follow physician’s instructions if they differ from parent’s

● Medication will be sent home daily

We cannot administer non-prescription medications such as Tylenol, etc without a physician’s written consent. You may obtain these forms from the office.


If your child is injured at Boone, the staff will provide initial emergency care. For more serious injuries, we will initiate first aid as required by the condition and call for help. You will always be notified if your child receives an injury that is minor but more serious than a small scrape or bump. If your child requires medical attention you will be notified. If you cannot be reached, a decision will be made as to whether to proceed to the emergency room via ambulance or car. You will be responsible for this fee.

Infants and one-year-olds


Each child needs a sufficient change of clothes at school each day so that his/her clothing can be kept clean and dry at all times. Each child should have two sets of complete extra outfits daily. All articles of clothing should be well-marked with your child’s first and last name. Please provide any security objects such as a pacifier or stuffed toy. Shoes must be worn at all times starting when the child turns one year old.

Parents are responsible for checking to be sure their child has a sufficient supply of diapers daily. Both cloth and disposable are acceptable. For cloth diapers, an airtight container for storage of soiled diapers must be provided by the parent. Soiled cloth diapers will be placed in an airtight bag, then in the container, and returned to the parent at the end of each day.

Children’s diapers will be checked at least every two hours as well as upon awakening and will be changed promptly if spoiled or wet.

Powders, creams, or ointments will not be used at diapering unless provided by parents and written permission is submitted through the office with proper Licensing form.


A food service plan for your child will be filled out prior to your child’s first day and updated every three months of enrollment. Parents are responsible for bringing all foods for their child under twelve months old. After 12 months of age the facility will provide whole milk and nutritionally balanced snacks in addition to foods brought from home. Snacks will be in accordance with the child’s food service plan.

All bottles for your child need to be prepared before being accepted. We will use a bottle warmer for all infant bottles. Bottles, caps, and nipples will not be reused by the facility. Every item needs to be labeled with first and last name, including food containers and sippy cups. Please remove all items every evening and take them home. All food must be taken home each day.

All children, including infants, will be fed on demand, unless a toddler’s food service plan instructs otherwise. Food shall be appropriate for infants’ individual nutrition requirements and developmental stages as determined by written instructions obtained from the child’s parent or health care provider.

The introduction of solid foods shall be accomplished routinely between 4 and 6 months of age as indicated by an individual child’s nutritional and developmental needs after consultation with the parents. Modification of basic food patterns shall be provided in writing by the child’s health care provider.


Breast milk or iron-fortified formula has been shown to support the rapid growth in both weight and length that occurs during the first year of life. The nutrient content of breast milk or iron-fortified formula is best suited to meet the nutritional needs of an infant from birth until 4 to 6 months of age.

Low fat milk does not provide enough calories and nutrients for children under the age of 2.

Early introduction (prior to 4 to 6 months) of solid food interferes with the intake of breast milk or iron-fortified formula that is needed to promote growth. Solid food given before an infant is developmentally ready may be associated with allergies and digestive problems. Growth data suggests that after the age of 4 to 6 months, infants fed exclusively on milk may develop nutritional problems including failure to thrive and iron-deficiency anemia.

Demand feeding meets the infant’s nutritional and emotional needs better than does the following of a rigid feeding schedule that does not take into account growth spurts, appetite, and activity level. Demand feeding provides an immediate response to the infant, which helps ensure trust and a feeling of security.

Safe Sleep Policy

  1. Children less than one (1) year of age will always be placed on their back to sleep.
  2. The only exception to this policy is if we are given an alternative plan that is written and signed from the infants licensed health care provider. This plan should state that the infant requires an alternative sleep position or special sleeping arrangements prior to allowing the infant to be placed in a sleep position that is not on his or her back. When infants can easily turn from their back to their stomachs, they will be placed on their backs to sleep but then may adopt whatever position they prefer for sleep.
  3. Our infant classrooms will always be kept between 68-85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. All cribs are approved by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.
  5. All cribs and playpens must have a firm mattress. All sheets must be tight fitting. No blankets, pillows, bumper pads, stuffed animals, etc. will be allowed in the cribs while children are sleeping.
  6. Only sleep clothing (sleep sacks, sleepers) will be used to keep infants warm.
  7. Infants’ heads and faces will not be covered during sleep.
  8. Pacifiers will be allowed in the crib with consent from the parent(s). Please check below if you would like your child to be allowed a pacifier. Pacifiers may not have cords or mechanisms attached.
  9. Only one infant will occupy a crib at a time.
  10. Infants will not be allowed to sleep in car seats, swings, bouncy seats, etc. If an infant falls asleep anywhere besides a crib they will be picked up and moved to a crib to sleep.
  11. Cribs should not be used for storage of items at any time.
  12. Infant caregivers will be positioned in the room where cribs and babies can be seen at all times. Caregivers will frequently check on infants while they are sleeping to ensure that they are not overheating or in distress.
  13. Lighting in the nap room shall remain suitable for children to sleep and for caregivers to diaper and take care of the children.
  14. It is prohibited to use any equipment such as a sound machine that may interfere with the caregivers ability to see or hear a child who may be distressed.
  15. Infants’ heads shall be uncovered during nap/sleep times.
  16. It’s prohibited to cover cribs or playpens with blankets or bedding.
  17. Smoking of any kind is prohibited in the childcare premises during the hours children are in care.

All parents/guardians of each infant in care shall receive a copy of the provider’s safe sleep policy upon the child’s enrollment.

All caregivers will have been trained on infant safe sleep within the first 30 days of employment. All caregivers will receive Safe Sleep training through

Infant room example schedule

Daily Quick Lists

School/Family cooperation

A positive and constructive relationship between the School and Family Member is essential to the School’s educational purpose and responsibilities to its students. If any Family Member engages in behavior, communication, or interaction on or off campus, that is disruptive, intimidating, overly aggressive, or reflects a loss of confidence in or disagreement with the School’s policies, methods of instruction or discipline, or otherwise interferes with the School’s safety procedures, responsibilities, or accomplishment of its educational purpose or program, the School reserves the right to dismiss the Family or Member from the community. The School may also place restrictions on a Family Member’s involvement or activity at School for other reasons that the School deems appropriate. Any determination under this Paragraph shall be in the Schools’ sole discretion. There will be no refund of tuition where such dismissal occurs and any unpaid balance is payable in full according to the terms of this Membership. The School reserves the right to withdraw an offer of enrollment or re-enrollment at any time and to void an executed Enrollment.


The School continually strives to ensure the accuracy of all written materials, including, but not limited to, promotional information, catalogs, brochures, handbooks, and advertising. In an effort to do so, however, information included in the materials (including class sizes, student-to-teacher ratios, teacher qualification, etc) may change as programs grow and staff changes. Prior to relying on any written materials in making your decision to enroll Student in the School, please verify the accuracy of information. Please also understand that even if the information was accurate at the time you enrolled, information may change prior to the commencement of classes or during attendance at the School.

Governing Law/Waiver of Jury Trial

This Membership and the rights and obligations of the parties shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Missouri without regard to principles of conflicts of law. The parties agree to waive the right to jury trial over any claims pertaining to Student’s enrollment, attendance, or separation from the School, including, but not limited to, claims of breach of contract, under statute, ordinance, or common law. The exclusive venue for any claim shall be the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri at Kansas City.

Understanding of terms

Please read this Membership Agreement carefully. By signing, Parent acknowledges that Parent understands the terms of this Agreement, Parent’s obligation to pay the full year’s tuition, the Parent’s options, and all other obligations set forth herein.

Force majeure

The Schools duties and obligations under this Agreement shall be suspended immediately without notice during all periods that the School is closed because of force majeure events including, but not limit to, any fire, flood, tornado, act of God, war, governmental action, act of terrorism, epidemic/pandemic, or any other event beyond the School’s control. If such an event occurs, the School’s duties and obligation in this Agreement will be postponed until such time as the School, in its sole discretion, may safely reopen. In the event that the School cannot reopen due to an event under this clause, the School is under no obligation to refund any portion of the tuition paid.

Domestic legal issues

The Parent understands and agrees that the School’s primary purpose is to provide education opportunities to the students within its institution. The Parent also understands that it is disruptive to the School for a Parent to involve the School (or any of its employees) in domestic legal disputes between the Parents and that the School often must pay for legal fees and costs associated with such issues. Therefore, the Parent agrees to promptly reimburse the School for all expenditures incurred by the School as a result of Parent’s domestic legal disputes, included but not limited to: Parental disagreements about Student’s education or placement; divorce proceedings; custody proceedings; and/or modifications of custody proceedings. Costs incurred may involve reasonable attorneys’ fees/costs to prepare for and/or attend depositions, trials, or hearings; communication with Parent or Parent’s counsel, guardians ad litem or attorneys ad litem; respond to subpoenas; draft letters or motions; and perform research. Costs include the cost of copying documents, providing records, engaging substitute teachers or temporary employees, computerized research, and travel expenses. Parent agrees to reimburse the School for such fees/costs within thirty days of School billing Parent for such expenses. Any dispute between the Parents regarding which Parent may owe which portion of the bill should be resolved between the Parents so that the bills for reimbursement to the School can be paid on a timely basis. Parents’ failure to pay such fees/costs promptly will result in dismissal of the family from the School.


Each party represents and warrants to the other that it has full power to enter into and perform its obligations under this Agreement and that this Agreement constitutes its legal, valid, and binding obligation, enforceable in accordance with its terms. Parents in two-parent households agree that each is acting as an agent for the other. Modification of this agency relationship shall be in writing and delivered to the School. No oral modification will be recognized or accepted.

entire agreement

This Agreement sets forth the entire understanding of the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof and merges and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous oral understanding between the parties. There have been no representations or warranties made by any party other than the representations and warranties contained herein.


Parents are very important to us. We hope you will feel free to visit with us at any time. We will need your help several times during the year. Please check Procare frequently for any updates. We also provide a monthly newsletter and ask you to pay attention to teacher’s boards outside of classrooms. We will try to communicate important dates and activities throughout the year. Check your child’s backpack every day for communication or to admire your child’s work.

Please notify us of any address, phone number, or emergency information that changes