A future education starts with a solid foundation

A future education starts with a solid foundation

the boone learning philosophy

At Boone Preschool, we firmly believe that every child is entitled to an enriching and positive educational journey. Our ethos is rooted in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere where children feel valued and understood. Our educators are more than teachers; they are nurturers of potential, recognizing and responding to the unique qualities and interests of each child. By fostering an environment of acceptance and encouragement, we aim to cultivate a positive self-image in every student, laying the foundation for lifelong confidence and curiosity.


Active Learning Through Discovery and Creativity

In the heart of our classrooms, active engagement and discovery are the keystones of learning. We design our spaces to be vibrant hubs of activity where children can dive into hands-on experiences, stimulating all their senses.

Our approach is guided by the understanding that children learn most effectively when they are fully immersed in their learning, exploring through smell, taste, sight, sound, and touch. Our thematic units provide a structured yet flexible framework for instruction, integrating the arts seamlessly into every subject. Music, movement, art, and a plethora of creative activities are not just add-ons; they are essential components that enrich our thematic units.

We celebrate every child’s creativity, ensuring they receive the encouragement and support to express themselves freely. Our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to nurture not only academic skills but also social, emotional, and physical development, ensuring a well-rounded growth experience for each child.

Strengthening The Home-School Connection

At Boone Preschool, we understand that a child’s education is a collaborative effort between the school and the home. We view parents as indispensable partners in this educational journey, and we actively seek to bridge the gap between home and school environments. Communication is the lifeline of this partnership, and we are committed to maintaining open, transparent, and consistent dialogue with families. We invite and encourage parents to share their cultures, talents, and time, enriching our school community with diverse perspectives and experiences.

By fostering a close-knit home-school community, we collectively ensure that every child receives the support, encouragement, and opportunities they need to thrive from their earliest years.


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Join us on a transformative journey where every child’s individuality is celebrated, creativity is nurtured, and families are an integral part of the learning experience. At Boone Preschool, we’re not just preparing children for the next step in their education; we’re laying the foundation for a lifetime of curiosity, confidence, and connection. If you believe in a learning environment that values discovery, creativity, and strong home-school partnerships, schedule a visit or reach out to us.