A structured environment full of flexibility

A structured environment full of flexability

the boone difference

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Our schedule focuses on what matters

At Boone Preschool, we recognize that your children are at a critical stage of rapid growth and exploration. Our curriculum is designed to support their burgeoning independence through structured play and sensory-rich activities that foster both cognitive and physical development. Our approach is to nurture their curiosity in a safe and supportive environment, encouraging them to explore and learn at their own pace.

Social Skills Development

We always focus on basic social skills such as sharing, turn-taking, and participating in group activities. These early social interactions are crucial for developing empathy and understanding.

Language and Communication

Language skills are fostered through interactive storytelling, songs, and simple conversations. Our activities are designed to expand vocabulary and improve understanding, helping students express their thoughts and needs more effectively.

Motor Skills Enhancement

Through activities like building with blocks, drawing, and climbing, we help enhance fine and gross motor skills. These activities are not only fun but also crucial for physical development and coordination.

Cognitive Development

All of our activities are geared towards boosting cognitive development through puzzles, games, and problem-solving tasks. These activities are crucial for developing their ability to think critically and solve problems creatively.

Emotional & Social Growth

At this stage, children are encouraged to recognize and articulate their feelings, as well as begin to understand the emotions of others. Role-playing and cooperative games are used extensively to foster these skills, which are vital for emotional intelligence and social interactions.

Pre-literacy and Math Skills

We introduce more focused activities that lay the groundwork for literacy and numeracy, such as recognizing letters, counting, sorting, and categorizing objects. These foundational skills are introduced through interactive storytelling and practical math games that make learning engaging and relevant.

Literacy & Math Skills

As our students progress, we introduce more complex literacy and numeracy concepts, including phonetic awareness, simple word recognition, and basic math operations. These are integrated through interactive reading sessions, storytelling, and math games that encourage analytical thinking and problem-solving.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

As students continue through our curriculum, our activities are designed to challenge them to think critically and solve problems independently. Whether through science experiments, logic games, or creative arts, children are encouraged to explore different solutions and express their ideas freely.

Team & Social Dynamic Building

As children approach school age, we place a greater emphasis on understanding rules, collaboration, and developing a sense of community. Group projects and team-based activities help reinforce these concepts, teaching children how to work together effectively and respect diverse perspectives.

The activities for our students are carefully selected to ensure that they not only learn but also enjoy the process. Through playful engagement, we aim to lay a solid foundation for future learning stages. These activities are instrumental in developing the necessary skills for successful transition into more structured learning environments as they grow.

What a day might look like

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