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Discover a World of Learning at Boone Preschool Lee's Summit

Discover a World of Learning at Boone Preschool Lee's Summit


Embrace the Boone Experience in Lee's Summit

Immerse your child in an environment where curiosity leads to discovery and learning is a joyous adventure. At Boone Preschool Lee’s Summit, we blend innovative education with heartfelt care, creating a nurturing space for your little ones to grow, explore, and shine. Join our community and see how we make every day a meaningful step in your child’s journey.


Shaping Bright Futures with Our Core Values

  • Innovative Learning: Embracing creativity and innovation in every lesson plan.
  • Individual Attention: Ensuring small class sizes for personalized learning experiences.
  • Community Connection: Fostering a strong sense of belonging and community involvement.

At Boone Preschool Lee’s Summit, we’re committed to more than just education; we’re dedicated to nurturing the whole child. Our approach combines innovative learning methods, individual attention, and a strong community connection to provide a well-rounded experience that prepares children for success both in and out of the classroom. Here, every child is valued for their unique talents and potential, and we strive to ignite their love for learning from the very start.

Boone Preschool Location Staff

Miss Becca

Three's Teacher

Miss Rosemary

Curriculum Specialist

Miss Allison

Two's Teacher

Miss Megan

Three's Teacher

Miss Renee

Pre-K Teacher

Miss Ashley

Pre-K Teacher

the learning environment your child deserves

Blair Y.

My daughter went here for 1 year and we absolutely loved it. They really have gotten my daughter ready for kindergarten and we are sad to be leaving! I cannot find one bad thing to say about our experience and would highly recommend!

Susan C.

I love this place! Kind staff and great with the kids.


The transition has been a breeze, and the overall environment is surprisingly quiet, and “chill” but with structure. His teachers are so sweet and he just loves going to school every day! I love that the rooms are separated, but that he isn’t stuck in 1 room all day, and they get lots of outside time. I have a happy, appropriately stimulated child, what more could a mother ask for

Barb K.

GREAT daycare. Our to your old grandson used to cry when his mom left to go to work. But not anymore! He loves his school!

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Ready to see the difference Boone Preschool Lee’s Summit can make in your child’s life? Schedule a visit and witness firsthand the vibrant, nurturing environment that awaits them. Join us on a journey where education is a joyous adventure, and every child is empowered to reach their fullest potential. Let’s start this beautiful journey together—your child’s future starts here.