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Crafting Bright Futures: Our Lee's Summit Classes

Crafting Bright Futures: Our Lee's Summit Classes

The Joy of Lee's Summit Learning

Dive into a world where education is an adventure, tailored to spark curiosity and foster growth in every child. At Boone Preschool Lee’s Summit, our classes are designed to turn learning into a journey of discovery and joy. We invite you to explore the possibilities that await in our nurturing and dynamic classrooms.


Embrace Our Educational Vision

Uncover the foundation behind our engaging classes at Boone Preschool Lee’s Summit. Delve into our learning philosophy to see how we inspire every child to reach their fullest potential.


Educational Focus

In our two-year-old class at Boone Preschool Lee’s Summit, we lay the groundwork for lifelong learning through play-based experiences that nurture curiosity, language, and social skills.

A Day In The Two's Room

In this vibrant class, two-year-olds embark on a journey of discovery, exploring basic concepts like colors, shapes, and numbers. Our curriculum is designed to foster language development and social skills through interactive storytelling, songs, and cooperative play, ensuring that each child's first educational experiences are engaging and enriching.

Play is the cornerstone of learning in our two-year-old class, where imaginative and structured play activities are thoughtfully integrated into every day. Through play, children develop critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, all while having fun and forming meaningful connections with their peers. Our play-based approach supports Boone's philosophy that learning should be a joyful and natural process.

Nutrition plays a vital role in the development and well-being of our two-year-olds. Our carefully planned meals and snacks are designed to be not only nutritious but also appealing to young palates. We introduce a variety of healthy foods, encouraging good eating habits and providing the energy needed for active learning and play throughout the day.

Where We Play And Learn


Educational Focus

Our three-year-old class at Boone Preschool Lee’s Summit is designed to foster independence, creativity, and early academic skills, all within the framework of our play-based learning philosophy.

A Day In The Three's Room

Three-year-olds at Boone are immersed in a rich learning environment that encourages exploration and expression. Our curriculum introduces more structured activities that focus on early literacy, numeracy, and science concepts, all presented in a way that's accessible and exciting for young learners. Through hands-on activities and guided discovery, children begin to ask questions, seek answers, and use language more effectively to communicate their ideas.

n the three-year-old class, play becomes an even more powerful tool for learning and development. We incorporate a wide range of play-based activities that promote physical coordination, emotional growth, and social skills. From imaginative role-playing to constructive building projects, children learn to work collaboratively, resolve conflicts, and express themselves confidently. This approach aligns with Boone's belief that play is essential for holistic development.

As three-year-olds become more adventurous, so does their palate. At Boone Preschool Lee's Summit, we offer a diverse menu that caters to this newfound curiosity, featuring a variety of wholesome, kid-friendly meals and snacks. Our focus on nutrition and healthy eating habits continues, providing the necessary fuel for busy days filled with learning, play, and growth.

Where We Play And Learn


Educational Focus

In our Pre-K class at Boone Preschool Lee’s Summit, we prepare four-year-olds for kindergarten and beyond with a curriculum that balances academic readiness with the development of social and emotional skills, all through our engaging play-based approach.

A Day In The Pre-K Room

Our Pre-K students dive into more advanced concepts in literacy, math, and science, setting the stage for a smooth transition to kindergarten. The curriculum is rich with opportunities for problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative expression, encouraging children to explore their interests and expand their understanding of the world. Interactive group projects and individual challenges help solidify foundational skills and foster a love for learning.

Play in the Pre-K class is sophisticated and purposeful, designed to reinforce learning concepts and social cooperation. Through structured play scenarios and open-ended exploration, children enhance their communication skills, learn to collaborate effectively, and develop empathy and resilience. This play-based learning is central to Boone's philosophy, ensuring that our Pre-K students not only achieve academic milestones but also excel in social and emotional growth.

At this pivotal stage, our Pre-K students enjoy a menu that supports their growing independence and decision-making skills. Nutritious, balanced meals and snacks continue to be a priority, with an emphasis on introducing a broader range of flavors and textures. We encourage healthy eating choices, fostering a positive relationship with food that supports their active learning and play.

Where We Play And Learn


The transition has been a breeze, and the overall environment is surprisingly quiet, and “chill” but with structure. His teachers are so sweet and he just loves going to school every day! I love that the rooms are separated, but that he isn’t stuck in 1 room all day, and they get lots of outside time. I have a happy, appropriately stimulated child, what more could a mother ask for

Susan C.

I love this place! Kind staff and great with the kids.

Blair Y.

My daughter went here for 1 year and we absolutely loved it. They really have gotten my daughter ready for kindergarten and we are sad to be leaving! I cannot find one bad thing to say about our experience and would highly recommend!

Barb K.

GREAT daycare. Our to your old grandson used to cry when his mom left to go to work. But not anymore! He loves his school!

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Embark on a transformative educational journey with Boone Preschool Lee’s Summit, where every class from our two-year-olds to Pre-K is designed with your child’s future in mind. If you’re ready to give your child a head start filled with joy, discovery, and meaningful learning, we invite you to reach out. Schedule a visit to see our vibrant classrooms in action and learn more about how we can support your child’s path to success. Together, we can lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning.