Give your child the gift of a bright start

Give your child the gift of a bright start


Experience is the best teacher

In the journey of learning, experience stands as the most profound teacher, offering lessons that resonate well beyond the classroom. At Boone Preschool, we invite your family to become part of an enriching educational experience that has been thoughtfully crafted. Our approach to enrollment is designed to ensure that every family feels informed, welcomed, and aligned with our values and methods. We believe that by sharing our philosophy and practices, you’ll see the unique opportunities Boone provides for growth, discovery, and joy in your child’s formative years

Understanding the investment in your child’s early education is essential. Our enrollment fees are thoughtfully structured to reflect the comprehensive value and exceptional quality of the Boone Preschool experience, ensuring full transparency and affordability for our families.

We know that filling out forms can be a hassle, but it’s a necessary step to ensure a smooth and personalized start to your child’s journey at Boone Preschool. Our aim is to make this process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible, setting the stage for a rewarding educational partnership.

Discover the nurturing environment that awaits your child at Boone by scheduling a tour today. Experience firsthand the joy and learning that happens in our classrooms, meet our dedicated educators, and see how our programs are tailored to foster growth and curiosity in every child.

your children are worth it

Every step in your child’s educational journey is an investment in their future. At Boone Preschool, we recognize the immense value and potential within each child, and we’re dedicated to providing an enriching, nurturing environment that honors this. Come meet our teachers, and take the first step towards a bright and promising future for your child with Boone.

Courtney P.

My daughter started with Boone in November. It’s the first place she’s ever been without myself or my husband! We can’t say enough amazing things about Boone preschool. From the director Vanessa, to my daughter’s teacher, to other staff there that know her by name. ALL of them are so incredibly kind!! My daughter runs and hugs her teacher. She loves going to school and looks forward to the days she gets to go! Highly highly recommend!!! Thank you Boone Pre school!

Regan L.

We loved Boone so much! I have nothing negative to say about this facility and its teachers. My daughter hadn’t been in a preschool or daycare environment at all before starting Boone when she was 4 and she transitioned SO well. She’s off to kindergarten soon, and we really miss Boone! Her little sister will be attending when she turns 2 though! Highly recommend this school!

Ashley R.

My daughter has been coming here for about a year now. We were apprehensive initially because we had less than stellar experiences prior with other facilities. We were so impressed right away with how friendly all the staff was as well as how professional organized Vanessa is. Every single anxiety we had before was eased and we saw a notable difference in our daughter as well. She has built lasting and meaningful relationships with the staff, and has really grown into the strong, independent, smart little girl we know her as today with the help of everyone in that building.

Haley B.

We are extremely grateful for the love and support the teachers and staff have given our 2 children at BSMO Boone. They both look forward to school everyday and have grown in confidence and knowledge since being there!