Like every child in our care, we have a story that matters

Just like every child in our care, we have a story that matters

The Start Of A Movement

Boone Preschool has been a cherished institution since its establishment in 1967 by the visionary Sue Boone. With a passion for early childhood education, Sue Boone dedicated herself to providing a nurturing and enriching environment for young learners. Under her leadership, Boone Preschool flourished and became an integral part of the community. Our original Lee’s Summit location is still located in the same building in the heart of the Downtown Lee’s Summit District.

Passing Of The Torch

In 1994, the reins of Boone Preschool were passed on to Ms. Patti, who continued Sue Boone’s legacy with unwavering dedication and commitment. Ms Patti’s warmth and genuine care endeared her to families, further solidifying Boone Preschool’s reputation as a trusted childcare provider. Over the years, the preschool became known as the preferred choice for local school district teachers, who entrusted us with the care of their own children. We take pride in this distinction, as it reflects our commitment to partnering with families through crucial developmental milestones in preparation for Kindergarten. For years, we have filled our classrooms with waiting lists to enroll.

A new philosophy

As Ms. Patti looked forward to retirement in 2021, Boone Preschool underwent a transition in ownership while maintaining the same high standards, curriculum, and love for children that have defined its legacy. We continue to uphold the school’s rich tradition of excellence and carry forward our goals of childhood learning.

In 2022, Boone Preschool expanded its presence by opening a second location in Blue Springs, Missouri, to meet the growing demand for quality early childhood education. With Ms. Vanessa spearheading this new endeavor, we drastically expanded Boone’s footprint in Jackson County. The new facility quickly became a hub of learning and community engagement, attracting families from across the area. To accommodate the influx of students, a significant renovation was undertaken in 2023, adding four additional classrooms. Ms. Vanessa is steadfast in continuing the Boone tradition at both locations, while still incorporating new elements from our tech-savvy world.

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Discover the rich history and passionate commitment that define Boone Preschool. From our humble beginnings to becoming a leader in early childhood education, our story is one of dedication and community. Visit us and become part of a story that continues to inspire and shape futures.

an enduring vision

Throughout its history, Boone Preschool has remained a steadfast pillar of the community, touching the lives of countless children and families. Many parents who once attended Boone Preschool themselves now entrust their own children to its care, a testament to the enduring legacy of excellence and trust built over decades.

As Boone Preschool looks ahead to the future, it remains committed to serving the needs of its communities and shaping the next generation of young minds. With a proud heritage and a vision for continued growth and innovation, Boone Preschool is poised to continue making a positive impact for years to come.

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